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Theory predicts that the cuprate pseudogap phase should contain a spatially modulating Cooper-pair density wave (PDW) state. This would be akin to the famous FFLO state of spatially modulated conventional superconductivity, but generated by strong correlations instead of high magnetic fields. To search for a cuprate PDW, we developed a millikelvin scanned Josephson tunneling microscope (SJTM) system that can image Cooper-pair tunneling from a d-wave superconducting STM tip to the Cooper-pair condensate of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8. Nanometer resolution condensate visualization then revealed a Cooper-pair density wave modulating along the Cu-O bond directions at wavevectors Qp ~ (1/4,0)*2π/a0; (0,1/4)*2π/a0. These results were published in Nature 532, 343 (21 Apr 2016).